Session: Latest Advancement in treatment

Latest Advancement in treatment


Due to the huge progression in the science and technology, the level of the Gynecology treatment had been extended to its next level. Obstetric patients with higher blood pressure can be treated via telemedicine, where there is no need of hospitalization. “ANGLEeYe” Camera Systems LLC and AirToco LLC are the equipment invented for the movement detection that can be fixed on patients to measure maternal activity level. Some of the modern development includes: Bluetooth pregnancy test, 3D printing demonstrations a promise at creating prosthetic ovary Smartphone app can sense premature birth risk', New drug found to eradicate Hepatitis C, Smartphone app could identify HIV in 15 minutes and etc.

•             Imaging technology
•             Endoscopic equipment
•             Drug treatment
•             Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery
•             Ultrasonography
•             Minimally invasive gynaecology surgery
•             Drug - resistant infection