Track: Gynecology Pathology

Gynecology Pathology


Gynecologic pathology is the medical pathology subspecialty dealing with the study and diagnosis of disease involving the female genital tract and the placenta. This exercise requires that the pathologist differentiate which peritoneal disorders are müllerian derived versus originating from other organs. Diseases affecting the peritoneal cavity and the intra-abdominal organs comprise entities arising from elements native to the peritoneal cavity (secondary müllerian system, mesenchymal, and mesothelial proliferations. The both neoplastic and non-neoplastic conditions of the female reproductive tract to equip you to meet a wide range of diagnostic challenge.

• Pathology of vagina
• Cervical Cytopathology
• Genital Tract Diseases and Pathology
• Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
• Uterine, Cervical and Ovarian oncology
• Rectovaginal Examination
• Endometrial Pathology
• Pathology of Uterus, Fallopian tube and Ovaries