Track: Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility


Usually, Infertility is categorized as not having the capacity to get pregnant (consider) following one year of unprotected sex. Infertility is the disappointment to wind up pregnant/impregnate or convey a pregnancy to full term. There might be numerous reasons for Infertility, including some that medicinal mediation can treat. A woman is considered as an infertile on the off chance that she has struggled for 1 year to get pregnant and hasn't utilized anti-conception medication. A man is viewed as infertile if he has too couple of sperm or his sperm are too unlucky to even consider combining with a lady's egg. Infertility isn’t just a woman’s problem. Men can be infertile too. Actually, men and women are similarly likely to have fertility difficulties. Fortuitously, there are numerous safe and effective therapies that significantly improve your chances of getting pregnant.

• Hyperprolactinemia
• Ovulation disorders
• Uterine fibroids
• Turner syndrome
• Rett syndrome