Track: Paediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

Paediatric and Adolescent Gynecology


Paediatric gynaecology encompasses the common conditions of labial adhesions and vulvovaginitis. Gynaecologists also have a title role in valuation of congenital genital tract anomalies and disorders of sex development although this tends to occur in adolescents, despite the benefits of early recognition of the gynaecological aspects of these problems in the neonatal period and childhood. With the onset of puberty, a number of difficulties occur relating to events of the physiological process of ovulation and menstruation including heavy and painful periods, and ovarian cysts. These complications can impact significantly on quality of life and need to be coped, as well as distinguished from more significant problems. Exercise levels, weight and general health can all have an impact on the reproductive hormones. Recognising common variations and problems from more significant problems in pubertal development and in the menstrual cycle is important in the care of young women. Basic understanding of contraceptive options and risks for teenage pregnancy are part of providing comprehensive health care for young women.

•             Early or delayed puberty
•             Endometriosis
•             Pregnancy prevention
•             Reconstructive management of uterine or vaginal abnormalities
•             Adolescent contraception