Track: Aesthetics Gynecology

Gynecology aesthetics


A relatively new field of medicine known as aesthetic gynaecology allows women to alter intimate body parts for sexual function or appearance. There are both surgical and non-surgical procedures in aesthetic gynecology. Demand from patients and doctors is growing. Despite the fact that this typically falls under the purview of obstetrics and gynecology, plastic and cosmetic surgeons have also developed a significant amount of interest in this area. Although plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery training programs that had the foresight to include specific training in this field have made inroads, obstetrics and gynecology residency and fellowship programs currently teach this subject. Currently, many surgeons begin their careers by completing preceptorship and certification courses in the United States and the United Kingdom. As a second wave of experts emerge, a steady stream of certificate programs continues to develop in Turkey, the Middle East, Spain, and South America.

•             Designer labioplasty
•             Designer perineoplasty
•             Hoodoplasty
•             Labia majora reduction
•             Labia majora augmentation
•             Hymenoplasty
•             Mons liposculpturing
•             G- shot