Track: Maternal Fetal Health

Maternal Fetal Health


Maternal-fetal relationships have been related with psychosocial outcomes for women and children, but there has been an absence of conceptual clarity about the nature of the maternal relationship with the unborn child, and inconsistent findings assessing its predictors. The proposed and tested model whereby maternal-fetal relationship quality was foretold by factors relating to the quality of the couple relationship and psychological health. The hypothesized contribution of individual variances in romantic attachment shown in past research would be mediated by romantic caregiving responsiveness, as maternal-fetal relationships replicate the beginnings of the caregiving system.

• Preconception Care Issues and Pregnancy Diagnosis 
• Obstetrics, Fetal & Maternal Imaging
• Vaccinations and Serologic Tests
• Maternal -Fetal Mitochondrial Metabolism 
• Prenatal Screening and Diagnostic Evaluation
• Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
• High-risk Pregnancy
• Measurement of Urine Organic Acids