Track: Preterm Birth and Prevention

Preterm Birth and Prevention


The mainstream of babies born prematurely survive and develop normally. However, babies born before 34 weeks have a higher risk factor of dying soon after birth or flattering disabled than babies born at term. In singleton pregnancies, there is a possibility that a woman will go into labour ward and deliver before 34 weeks is about 1%. In identical pregnancies, the chance of such premature birth is about 10-15%. The proposals of Family Planning and increasing the empowerment of women, especially adolescents, plus better-quality of care before, between and during pregnancy can assistance to decrease preterm birth rates. Strategic investments in innovations and research are required to accelerate progress.

• Preterm delivery from cervical insufficiency
• Risk Factors in Preterm Birth
• Gene Responsibility in Preterm Birth
• Methods to Evade Preterm Birth
• Unprompted Preterm Birth Prevention