Track: Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gynecology and Obstetrics


Gynecology and Obstetrics are medical specialties they focus on two different aspects of the female reproductive system. At Virginia Beach OBGYN we provide care to women in all phases of their lives whether they are having a baby or are past menopause. Gynecology deals with any ailment regarding the reproductive organs; uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries and vagina. Obstetrics deals with the care of the pregnant women, the unborn baby, labor and delivery and the immediate period following childbirth. The obstetrician protects that mother and child get the best pre-birth care to guarantee work and conveyance is cultivated without difficulties and that should mediation be required; it is done rapidly and securely.

• Epidemiology in Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Clinical Obstetrics, Obstetrical analgesia and anaesthesia
• Radiation therapy in Gynecology
• Placenta - Development, Structure, Functions
• Ethical Obligations in the field of Gynaecology
• Recent advances in medical and surgical management