Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing


BPSGMC Khanpur, India

Title: Pure ovarian choriocarcinoma- an aggressive and rare entity


Pure ovarian choriocarcinomas are extremely rare malignancies that arise from either gestational tissue in ovary (ovarian ectopic pregnancy) or from pure germ cells of the ovary. On the basis of origin, they are classified as gestational ovarian choriocarcinoma (GCO) and non-gestational choriocarcinoma (NGCO). History of amenorrhoea with sexual intercourse, very high serum beta hCG levels, presence of choriocarcinoma with presence of a corpus luteal cyst in histopathology direct towards the presence of GCO but it is the DNA polymorphism and presence of paternal DNA in tumor that finally clinches the diagnosis.The treatment of pure ovarian choriocarcinomas essentially comprises of cytoreductive surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy. Here we present a case of pure ovarian choriocarcinoma, likely of gestational origin.


Biography-Dr. Shivani has completed her MBBS at age of 24 yrs, from JNMC, AMU, Aligah, India. At present she is Associate Professor in OBG in BPSGMC, Khanpur She has 15 publications till now and presented many papers.