Gynecology 2022

Oscar Raúl Muñoz Ángel

Palmira, Colombia

Title: SYCFIM, Clinical Study in Patients with Stress Urinary Incontinence, Urgency and Mixed


This research confirms that the new hysterectomy surgical technique, SYCFIM, achieves the curative treatment of patients with stress urinary incontinence, urgency, and mixed incontinence. With this surgical technique, the anatomical restoration of the urethral vesicle to its original position is achieved, thus eliminating the most important causes of these incontinences. It was evidenced in the study that in the early postoperative control of the SYCFIM technique the disappearance of urinary incontinence was achieved in all patients, it was also observed that a few years later some patients reported the reappearance of incontinence in patients who stopped exercising Kegel, and la s patients who resumed Kegel exercise incontinence disappeared again, establishing that this exercise is relevant in the treatment of urinary incontinence. A small group of patients who could not or did not want to do the Kegel exercise were provided with electrostimulation equipment that is used in physiatry, achieving a positive response to the disappearance of incontinence in all these patients. The evaluations of the type of incontinence presented by the patient, the postoperative evolution of the presence or absence of incontinence, and its management with kegel exercise were carried out by a professional psychologist. The results obtained with the SYCFIM technique for stress incontinence, emergency and mixed, force the urology and gynecology guild to review the traditional technique, which could even be classified as iatrogenic, since it increases the incidence of urinary incontinence twice and a half time.


Surgeon from the Universidad del Valle, Colombia and Master in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City. He currently works as a surgeon in the gynecology unit of the "Raúl Orejuela Bueno" hospital, in the city of Palmira, and is also a professor in obstetrics to the students of the last degree of medicine of the University "San Martín of the city of Cali. The last 15 years he is dedicated to the development of a new hysterectomy technique that reuses the supporting structures of the uterus, and the fixation of these to the dome, with which the causes of urinary incontinence disappear.