Assisted Reproductive Treatment

Natalia Viktorovna Palieva

Rostov State Medical University , Russia

Title: Study of indicators of carbohydrate metabolism and hemostasis in pregnant women with the obstetric pathology on the background of the gestational diabetes mellitus


Preeclampsia (PE) and intrauterine growth restriction syndrome (IGRS) are two counterdirectional pathways of the “catastrophe” in a pregnant woman’s body. One causes a breakdown in adaptation in the functional systems of the mother, and the other - the fetus. However, pathogenetically these complications are similar. In both cases, a “reduced” vascular net and the “steal syndrome” are formed in the “mother-placenta-fetus” system because of the functional failure of the endothelium. The background for the realization of such a vascular lesion during pregnancy can be gestational diabetes mellitus. Our aim is to study and comprehensively evaluate the content of the certain indices of the carbohydrate metabolism and the hemostasis in pregnant women with preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction syndrome on the background of the gestational diabetes mellitus. The investigation of the parameters of the coagulation link of hemostasis and carbohydrate metabolism has been carried out with the gestational diabetes mellitus: 65-with pre-eclampsia, 71 - with the fetal growth retardation syndrome, and 75 - without obstetric pathology. It was determined that preeclampsia is associated with higher levels of hyperglycemia and D-dimer, and intrauterine growth restriction syndrome is associated with the predominance of the fibrinogen and soluble fibrin-monomer complexes in the blood of pregnant women with the gestational diabetes mellitus. The established shifts indirectly indicate the formation of endotheliopathy in the body of a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes mellitus, the severity of which determines the formation of a local “catastrophe” in the fetal placental complex in the form of the intrauterine growth restriction syndrome or systemic one - in mother in the form of preeclampsia.


Natalia V. Palieva, got the doctoral degree at the age of 42 at Volgograd State Medical University, Russia. Currently holds the position of Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 2 of the Rostov State Medical University. Has more than 100 scientific papers that have been cited by more than 200 times, the scientific citation index (Hirsch index, H-index) is 7. Is a member of the Russian Menopause Association, a member of the regional Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.