Nursing And Women’s Healthcare

Migdalia Socarrás León

Cerro University Polyclinic, Cuba

Title: Sexuality in menopausal women: a reflection from Primary Health Care


Sexuality occupies an important part of life in all human beings. Women are sexed beings from birth and have the right to enjoy sexuality. For them, the climacteric stage does not imply the death of sexuality despite some criteria that consider that at this stage they do not have adequate physiological capacity to have sexual behaviors. Our work aims to describe the main elements of education that the Basic Health Team (Doctor and Nurse) must carry out in relation to sexuality in climacteric women and where it is proposed that erroneous beliefs in relation to sexuality at this stage their origin is the lack of information. Doctors occupy a privileged position in our society to offer an excellent health education, where the normal changes of sexuality in the climacteric are understood and advice is provided that serves as a support whenever necessary to the woman.