Juan Gabriel Álvarez Sánchez

University of Antioquia, Colombia

Title: Phase I diagnostic study to identify the association between blood eosinophilia and ovarian cancer diagnosis


Objective: The purpose of this study was to identify the possible association between blood eosinophilia and ovarian cancer diagnosis

Methods: A retrospective cross-sectional phase 1 study of diagnostic test development was conducted. Data were collected from the medical records of patients who consulted at the Hospital San Vicente Fundación in the emergency department or outpatient consultation with diagnosis of ovarian tumor. Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of ovarian cancer were the cases and those without this diagnosis were the controls.

Results: 199 stories were analyzed; of which 99 were from patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Of the total number of patients with ovarian cancer; 11.1% had blood eosinophilia vs 6% of the count (P=0.197).  Regard at the stage of the disease; III stage was the one with the greatest association with 20% of the cases.

Conclusions: We hypothesized that the frequency of eosinophilia would be double in women with ovarian cancer compared to women without it, which was found in our results, 11% vs 6%. While this difference did not reach statistical significance for several reasons; We consider that the possibility of designing a subsequent phase II study in order to observe the probability that patients with a positive test (eosinophilia in blood) have the disease (ovarian cancer) remains open.


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