Obstetrics 2022

Adiela Castiblanco

Barranquilla, Colombia

Title: The kangaroo mother method in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic


The Kangaroo Mother Program (PMC) is the most important Colombian contribution in the world in the field of neonatology; it is the golden strategy in the ambulatory management of premature newborns in Colombia, and within this philosophy it feels the commitment within the COVID-19 contingency to establish recommendations and guidelines to guarantee the continuity, opportunity and safety of the premature newborn and high-risk newborns. 

This article will address how the Kangaroo Mother Program copes with the pandemic with its essential components, such as early departure from the kangaroo position with breastfeeding, which has shown a decrease in hospitalization time, a decrease in severe infections, and most importantly, empowers mother in the proper care of her child, which are vital elements of the mother-child bond. Keywords: Program; Kangaroo Mother; Breastfeeding; Kangaroo Position; Kangaroo Nutrition.


Adiela Castiblanco. specialist in neonatology with 27 years of experience in neonatal CARE, 15 years of teaching experience in the course of care for women, couples, children and adolescents, collective health 1, master in public health, research professor with publications in neonatal care and public health, I belong to academic processes of self-assessment of the nursing program, vice president of the Colombian Atlantic regional neonatology society.