Session: Pathophysiology of pregnancy

Pathophysiology of pregnancy


Pregnancy outcomes when the egg becomes fertilized by the sperm cells. Egg that is existing inside the ovary are released by during a menstrual cycle due to the act of the hormones and the egg travels to the uterus. In uterus, the fertilized egg develops into a tiny human embryo on the half way of menstrual cycle. Unlikely the unfertilized egg will get unaltered and disintegrates. The embryo makes positioned itself in the uterine wall, and steadily grows, and develops into a fetus. About nine months the fetus will develop into a well developed baby and emerges into the world. On pregnancy, the hormone changes develops and persist throughout the pregnancy which is helpful for the growth of a healthy baby. Unlikely, it may also induce a side effect.
•             Fertilization
•             Development of the embryo and foetus
•             Cognitive development
•             Growth rate and factors influencing development
•             Fetal monitoring
•             Labour pain
•             Vaginal birth