Session: Gynecology aesthetics

Gynecology aesthetics


Gynecologic aesthetics are generally a modern field in gynecology which includes corrective and plastic medical procedures. Aesthetic Gynecology deals with the appearance, sensation, and other cosmetic issues in regard to the female reproductive system. Women may see changes in her body due to the time, age, gravity, genetics, childbirth and/or chronic pelvic issues. To reshape or reverse, the bodily changes Gynecology aesthetics plays a vital role. With advancements in science and technology, the medical industry had overcome the leaps and bounds and it is now possible to alter, correct and remove unwanted elements from the body with much more precision and safety.
•             Designer labioplasty
•             Designer perineoplasty
•             Hoodoplasty
•             Labia majora reduction
•             Labia majora augmentation
•             Hymenoplasty
•             Mons liposculpturing
•             G- shot