Gynecology conference
Eduardo Ortega Martín del Campo

Hospital Angeles del Pedregal, Mexico

Hi everyone, my name is Eduardo Ortega Martín del Campo. I am an obstetrician and also a specialist in Infertility. This is my second year attending Scientex conferences. I want to express my strong recommendation for this event; the organization is excellent. Scientex provides the opportunity to share knowledge from around the world, make friends, enjoy a vacation, and exchange different experiences in the medical field. I highly recommend attending and hope you can join us next time. See you at the next conference.

Gynecology conference 2024
Majd Oteibi

Validus Institute Inc., USA

I am currently attending the Gynecology conference, and I must say it is very well organized. The team is incredibly friendly, and everything has been going smoothly. I presented in the morning, and everyone was well-prepared. I'm eager to attend more presentations. Today, I had the honor of being a keynote speaker at the 3rd International Ob-Gyn conference in Dubai. Everything was impeccably organized, and the team was exceptionally helpful and accommodating. The presentation went smoothly, and now that the day is over, I am looking forward to tomorrow, where I'll have the opportunity to listen and meet other great physicians and scholars. Thank you, Amylia, for your support.

Gynecology Congress
Pranjal Desai

North Mississippi Medical Clinics, USA

I am Pranjal Desai, practicing as an OB-GYN with a core interest in robotic surgery. Currently, I practice at North Mississippi Medical Clinics in the United States. I recently delivered a presentation on the current challenges of robotic surgery in gynecology, considering the increasing demand for robots in many hospitals. My presentation focused on sharing my experiences and recommendations on how to initiate and sustain a successful program. I thoroughly enjoyed this conference; it was a wonderful experience. The preparation was excellent, and the arrangements were amazing. I would strongly recommend anybody to come and visit this conference.

Obstetrics conference 2024
Erika Valencia Mejía

Timser company, Mexico

I am Erika Valencia, a doctor and OB-GYN from Mexico City. I greatly enjoy attending Scientex conferences because they provide an opportunity to meet people and doctors from all around the world. It's very interesting to listen to different points of view. I would like to attend every year. Thank you for the invitation.

Gynecology conference 2024
Muna Najeh Mohammed Abu zeiad

Nusyba Almazeneiah college for Nursing and Midwifery, Jordan

I would be very thankful to participate in the conference. I am excited to participate more and more. This is my second participation; I participated last year and gained valuable information. I recommend everyone to participate in the Scientex conference. Hope to meet you all in the next series.

Obstetrics conference 2024
Mary Wanjiku Maina

Kiambu County Referral Hospital, Kenya

I am an Obstetrician and Gynecologist from Kenya in East Africa. This has been quite an informative conference, and I would like to thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity to learn and showcase our work from different parts of the world. I look forward to joining you again next year.