Gynecology conference 2023
Nadezhda Ivanovna Chernova

Russian Federation

Thank you very much for this opportunity. It was truly an amazing experience. From the very beginning of registration process till the end of conference I felt supported and guided by organizing committee. 

Also, I enjoyed listening to my colleagues, the range of topics covered is outstanding.

Obstetrics conference 2023
Natasha Citeroni

United Kingdom

Many thanks for the Scientex conference organization. It was a pleasure and honour to be able to share our work with Gynecology 2022 and I very much enjoyed the day.

Midwifery conference 2023
Jesmine Banu


I, Prof. Jesmine Banu, very grateful to attend this excellent conference.

It’s an honour to be a speaker in this conference and share my knowledge and experience with all fellows. Congratulations on your excellent arrangement of the conference. I personally consider it as a perfect assembly where most of the Obs and Gynae Experts from across the world came together to share their knowledge and experience with brilliant presentations on various emerging clinical issues. I again strongly want to convey my gratitude to Scientex and wishing all the very best for the upcoming programmes. 

Hope, to meet you in your next series of Gynaecology and Obstetrics conference.

Sinchikhin Sergey Petrovich
Sinchikhin Sergey Petrovich


The last conference in Paris was technically well organized! Both speakers and listeners felt comfortable. It is important to note that all the reports had a practical focus, and therefore were very interesting. I will take part in the following conferences with great pleasure. Professor Sinchhin S.P.

Gynecology conference
Fatima do carmo Fonseca Ricardi


Thank you very much for the amazing opportunity of having participated in Gynecology 2022!!

 I must say again I am very honored for having had the opportunity to participate at such an important and prestigious international scientifical event. Thank you very much, again, for everything, Amylia. God bless you.

Obstetrics 2022
Tajmira Sultana


Heartiest thanks for your tremendous support in my presentation at your conference. Hope that we may meet again in next session with more interesting issues.