Obstetrics conference 2024
Erika Valencia Mejía

Timser company, Mexico

I am Erika Valencia, a doctor and OB-GYN from Mexico City. I greatly enjoy attending Scientex conferences because they provide an opportunity to meet people and doctors from all around the world. It's very interesting to listen to different points of view. I would like to attend every year. Thank you for the invitation.

Gynecology conference 2024
Muna Najeh Mohammed Abu zeiad

Nusyba Almazeneiah college for Nursing and Midwifery, Jordan

I would be very thankful to participate in the conference. I am excited to participate more and more. This is my second participation; I participated last year and gained valuable information. I recommend everyone to participate in the Scientex conference. Hope to meet you all in the next series.

Obstetrics conference 2024
Mary Wanjiku Maina

Kiambu County Referral Hospital, Kenya

I am an Obstetrician and Gynecologist from Kenya in East Africa. This has been quite an informative conference, and I would like to thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity to learn and showcase our work from different parts of the world. I look forward to joining you again next year.

Gynecology conference
Vultur Horatiu Florin

Giurgiu District Emergency Hospital, Romania

Overall the conference has a huge impact on our lives as a specialist in gynaecologist and pediatrics, health professionals. It's my third time I am participating to the conference and I decided after my first conference with the Scientex conferences, that the information which they brought is just amazing from all the fields, up to date and with a great impact regarding the treatments and possibilities from all the places of the world, so I do recommend for everybody just go just participate, come together in a huge team you are going to make great connections and find out a lot of new possibilities

Obstetrics 2024
John Eric Wilkinson

University of Taipei, Taiwan

It was a pleasure to come and talk with medical practitioners, who deal directly with the children and their families, I tried to present the bigger picture on what we need to do together in the future to try and preserve the health of the planet earth where we live, and I received few responses from the audience which I enjoyed it.

Gynecology conference
Kiren Khurshid


I am Dr Kiren Khurshid from Pakistan. The conference has been a wonderful experience in a beautiful venue. We have gained valuable knowledge in obstetrics and gynecology and had the opportunity to connect with peers. We are very happy to be here. Thank you.