Gynecology 2021

Dr. Ioannis G. Papanikolaou

European Fellow in Reproductive Medicine, Humanitas University and Research Hospital, Milan., Greece


Doctor Ioannis G. Papanikolaou is born in Athens. In 2009 he graduates in Medicine with Excellent votation - Medical Degree (MD). During his University studies he is distinguished with 6 University Scholarships from the ‘‘ADSU Foundation’’. Afterwards, he returns in Athens, being selected from the Faculty for a 2 years Postgraduate Programme, which confers the title of Master of Science in Robotic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Telesurgery, in the University of Athens, Medical School in Greece. In 2011 he is distinguished again with Excellent votation and obtains the title of Master of Science in the Athens Medical School in “Robotic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Telesurgery. In 2011 he begins his PhD research on Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) transplantation in experimental models, a research conducted on wistar rats. In 2018 he is distinguished with the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in the Athens Medical School for his PhD research, with Excellent votation. In 2016 he is selected for the 1,5 years Postgraduate Programme – Master of Science in Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine in the Athens Medical School, which represents his second Master. He has obtained many Scholarships in National and International level from various Foundations such as: The Empeirikeion Foundation, The Experiment & Research Centre of Elpen, the Facuty of Medicine – ADSU foundation. He has gained many important prizes and awards such as the first Prize in the Robotic Surgery Marathon. He has been also distinguished with the First Prize in the “Laparoscopic Simulation Cup”. He is a Da Vinci Si certified surgeon for Robotic Gynaecology (Intuitive cerification). He has been awarded by Allied Academies in United Kingdom – London, for his research activity. He has participated in more than 250 international and national congresses as Organizing Committee Member, Invited Speaker, Keynote Speaker or Speaker. He has organized the Gynaecology and Breast Cancer Congress in Milan, in 2019.

Research Interest

Robotic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Telesurgery, Reproductive & Regenerative Medicine